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Tahitian Pearl Pendants

Tahitian Pearls are something unique and special. Perhaps it is the striking combination of their base colors when paired with lustrous metallic overtones, or maybe it is the unique shape and twists of the pearl itself - whatever it is, once women discover the beauty of Tahitian Pearls it is nearly impossible not to keep collecting pieces.
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Tahitian Pearl & Diamond  Pia Pendant 14.5 MM Black - Seven Seas Pearls Tahitian Pearl Diamond Starry Pendant 15.5 MM AAA - Seven Seas Pearls Peacock Tahitian Pearl Diamond Starry Pendant 15.5 MM - Seven Seas Pearls Tahitian Pearl Pendant 14kt 10 MM AAA Chain Included - seven seas pearls
Tahitian Pearl Diamond Starry Pendant 15.5 MM Black - Seven Seas Pearls 10 mm Tahitian Pearl Pendant flawless - Seven Seas Pearls Diamond Tahitian Pearl pendant Petal Collection AAA To AAA Flawless - Seven Seas Pearls
As you might have suspected from their name, Tahitian Pearls come from the atoll lagoons around the French Polynesia. The nutrient rich and shallow waters make it the absolute ideal place to cultivate Tahitian Pearls. Tahitian Pearls come from the black lipped oyster, the size of these oysters are responsible for the stunning shapes and sizes of Black Tahitian Pearls. What gives these stunning pearls their incredible color is the piece of donor mantle tissue that is also inserted into the oyster with the nucleus. This donor mantle tissue gives the pearl it’s base color and also the overtone. For decades we have cultivated a unique and special relationship with the farmers of these incredible pearls. As a result, we are offered some of the choicest pearl harvests anywhere in the world. If you have ever toured our website, you will see that we have an incredible array of Tahitian Pearls in every shape, size, color and overtone imaginable. Because Tahitian Pearls average between 9mm and 18mm, their size allows for absolutely stunning shapes and angles. When considering a piece of Tahitian Pearl jewelry, take care to explore the stunning shapes they are known for. While you might assume that you prefer perfectly round pearls, many women find themselves enchanted with the unique baroque, teardrop or button shaped pearls that are common among Tahitians. On our website is a small sample of the types of Tahitian Pendants we have designed. Unique to Seven Seas Pearls is how each piece of pearl jewelry is displayed and categorized. For many other pearl jewelers a single item is displayed or showcased, and then pearls that are similar to the one displayed are sold. At Seven Seas Pearls, we feel that each pearl is unique in its shape, overtone and base color. As a result, pearls can not be lumped together to be similar enough for people to buy based upon how a completely different pearl appears. When you view our website, the pearl jewelry piece that you see is the exact same piece you will receive. Once an item is purchased, it is removed from the website. If you have a specific idea at to the type of pearl jewelry piece you have in mind, we would be more than happy to accommodate you. We have a vast supply of literally thousands upon thousands of loose Tahitian Pearls. If you have a specific shape, color, overtone and size in mind, we would be happy to put together a custom piece for you at no additional charge. Our Showroom is located in the heart of the Los Angeles Jewelry District and is open to the public. If you are not in the Los Angeles area, feel free to give us a call and describe what you are looking for. We would be more than happy to accommodate what you are looking for.