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South Sea Pearl Pendants

If you have ever bought a piece of jewelry for someone else, then you know what a fun but also nerve wracking experience it can be. At Seven Seas Pearls, our goal is to not only sell high quality saltwater pearls at a very fair price, but to make sure that you (or that special someone) is getting a pearl jewelry piece that they will cherish for years to come.
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Gorgeous South Sea Pendant South Sea White Pearl Pendant Diamond South Sea Pearl Classic Pendant 12mm Golden AAA - seven seas pearls

If you have been looking for a special piece of pearl jewelry, our collection of South Sea Pearl pendants might just be what you are looking for. South Sea Pearls are thought to be the most desirable and valuable of the three types of saltwater pearls. In comparison to Akoya Pearls and Tahitian Pearls, South Sea Pearls are the largest in size. South Sea Pearls come in stunning shades of white, ivory, cream, silver, blue, champagne and their much sought after deep golden color. As with all types of saltwater pearls, these base colors can and are paired with absolutely stunning overtones. The overtones of these pearls give a unique sense of depth and color that make them even more beautiful.

At Seven Seas Pearls, we have a very large collection of South Sea Pearl Pendant jewelry. What you see on our website is a very small sample selection of some of the stunning pieces we offer. One of the wonderful things about pearls is that they can be very versatile. Traditionally, when people think of pearls more classic examples come to mind. However, while we love classic pearl pieces - we believe that there is also room for more trendy twists on pearl jewelry. South Sea Pearls can add more of a dramatic flair but the type of setting can also make it more casual. South Sea Pearl Pendants are very versatile and as a result can be dressed up or down. Ultimately, it comes down to selecting the color, overtone, shape and setting that appeals most to you. At Seven Seas Pearls, we are passionate about teaching others about the incredible beauty and mystery of pearls. For that reason, we do not believe that pearls can be put into a “one size fits all” type category. As you tour our website, you will see that each piece of pearl jewelry has been extensively photographed and accessed. As a result, when you purchase a piece of pearl jewelry online, that is the exact piece that you will receive. Many other jewelers send a similar piece, but because no two pearls are exactly alike in terms of color, overtone and grading we feel this in an inaccurate way of doing business. If you are local to the Los Angeles area, we would love to invite you to our showroom located in the heart of the jewelry district of downtown. Our showroom is open to the public six days a week and no appointment is ever needs. We would love for you to stop by and see a few of the reasons as to why we have fallen in love with South Sea Pearls.