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Silver and Blue Akoya Pearl Necklaces

Japanese Akoya Pearls are the most popular type of pearl jewelry; these timeless beauties have been a staple in many women’s jewelry collections for decades. These gems from Japan typically come in stunning shades of white, ivory and with pink overtones. The more rare and exotic shades of Akoya Pearl Jewelry include silver, blue, and gray with hint of pistachio. These more exotic colors of Akoya Pearls can be quite difficult to find - and even more challenging to find in a perfectly matched pearl strand.

Many times when people are purchasing a piece of pearl jewelry, a major selling point that will be emphasized is that the pearl/pearls are natural - this is used to justify a blemish or pearl that is low in luster, has poor nacre or clarity. In today’s market, 99.99% of all pearls are cultured pearls.

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Akoya Pearl Necklace  9 - 9.5MM AAA  Blue - Seven Seas Pearls Akoya Pearl Necklace 8.5 - 8 MM AAA blue pistachio - Seven Seas Pearls Blue Akoya Pearl Triple Row Necklace 8 - 8.5 MM - Seven Seas Pearls Akoya Pearl Necklace 8 - 8.5 MM AAA Silver Gray
Akoya Pearl Necklace 8 - 7.5 MM AAA Gray cultured pistachio Akoya Pearl Graduated Necklace 9.5 - 8 MM - Seven Seas Pearls Akoya Pearl Necklace 8 - 7.5 MM AAA Silver Blue - Seven Seas Pearls baroque baby blue akoya pearl necklace 9 - 8.5mm - Seven Seas Pearls
rare baroque blue Akoya Pearl Bracelet 9- 9.5 MM AAA- - Seven Seas Pearls baroque blue Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet 9 - 9.5 mm - seven seas pearls Akoya Pearl Ombre Opera Necklace  7.5 - 8 MM AAA - seven seas pearls blue Akoya Graduated Pearl Necklace  9.5 - 5 MM - Seven Seas Pearls
Cultured Akoya Pearl Necklace 7.5 - 3.5 MM Silver - Seven Seas Pearls Akoya trio Pearl Necklace white blue champagne -  Seven Seas Pearls Akoya Cultured Pearl Diamond Star Pendant Grey Blue - Seven Seas Pearls
A pearl is formed by the oyster forming a protective barrier around an object that is irritating. These layers are called nacre and are what ultimately forms a pearl. The color of the mantle tissue that is inserted into the oyster is what is ultimately responsible for the color of the pearl. The nacre will reflect the color and overtones of the mantle tissue - thus creating stunning Akoya Pearls in a variety of gorgeous shades.

The color and tone of an Akoya Pearl does have an impact on the value of the pearl - but not as much as the size, quality and grading. Akoya Pearls range in size from 2mm to 10mm, most have an average size of 7mm. It is important to balance quality, size and color when selecting an Akoya Pearl Jewelry piece.

Here are stunning examples of the beautiful shades of silvers with blue and green overtones that speak to the more exotic colors of Akoya Pearls.

Silver Akoya Strands are an excellent addition to any pearl jewelry collection. If you are near the Los Angeles area, we would love to invite you to come down and tour our showroom. No appointment is necessary. If you are interested in an silver Akoya Pearl Strand we have a large selection displayed on our website. The actual piece that you view is the same piece that you will receive. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason at all if you have any questions.