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Rare and Unique South Sea Pearls

If you are a pearl lover, chances are the incredible size, shape and colors of South Sea Pearls have completely mesmerized you - and for good reason. Of the three types of saltwater pearls (Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea Pearls) South Sea Pearls are considered to be the most desirable and valuable (assuming size and rating are equal). If you have been looking for the perfect South Sea Pearl jewelry piece, we understand how overwhelming this large of a purchase can be. After all, pearls are unlike any other type of jewelry and have their own rating/grading system. If you are in the market for an exotic piece of South Sea Pearl jewelry, we would recommend familiarizing yourself with how pearls are rated and some of the primary things that should be considered. If you are unsure of where to start, our Seven Seas Pearls Blog has a comprehensive outline of what individuals should both know and look for.
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When viewing rare and unique South Sea Pearls, an obvious question is: What makes them unique? Here we are going to explore the answer and help you learn what to look for. Of the three types of saltwater pearls, South Sea Pearls are the largest variety. The average size of South Sea Pearls is between 10mm and 15mm. However they can be as large as 27mm in size. The size of a South Sea Pearl absolutely has an impact on the value and ultimately the price. However, the rating of that particular pearl also plays a considerable factor in determining the value. It is a delicate balance between these two factors. A South Sea Pearl that was 20mm in size that had terrible luster, nacre and a very flawed surface would not be worth much at all. Whereas a 12mm South Sea Pearl that had a AAA rating would be worth considerably more. When viewing really any type of pearl jewelry, it is important to understand the grading so that the value of the size and rating can be appropriately balanced.

As with Akoya and Tahitian Pearls, there are always colors that are more rare and unique. The same is applied to South Sea Pearls. All saltwater pearls have a base color and then overtones that create truly marvelous colors! South Sea Pearls are known for their white, ivory, champagne and silver shades. The more rare and exotic colors include deep golden, blue, and pistachio. Because these colors are rare, it can take many pearl harvests over long periods of time to match together a necklace with a similar rating and color palette. As a result, the value of these types of pearls increases.
For generations we have carefully cultivated the relationships we have with our pearl farmers. As a result, we have an incredible selection of some of the most breathtakingly beautiful South Sea Pearls in the world. We invite you to tour our collection of rare and unique South Sea Pearls. As always, our showroom is open to the public and no appointment is necessary. Come and see first-hand these incredible beauties in person.