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Rare and Unique Tahitian Pearls

It is hard not to absolutely fall in love with the gorgeous iridescent colors and stunning metallic overtones of Tahitian Pearls. The incredible size of these stunning pearls only adds to their beauty. Tahitian Pearls range in size from 8mm all the way to 16mm. 8mm Tahitian Pearls are considered to be on the small side – but even this small side is larger than the average for Akoya Pearls. Anything over 13mm in size is considered to be rarer for Tahitian Pearls. Keep in mind that the average size of South Sea Pearls is 15mm – so you can see how these different pearl varieties overlap a bit.
Many people wonder just what makes a Tahitian Pearl rare or unique. Because pearls form naturally, there are not many elements of this process that can be manipulated by human intervention. As a result, anomalies in nature occur. The two main things that can set Tahitian Pearls apart from others are the size and color.
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Rare Colors of Tahitian Pearls
The term “Black Pearls” is used interchangeably by people when referencing Tahitian Pearls. While this is a common term, pure absolute black Tahitian Pearls are a rare find. Some pearls may look black, but when held against true black Tahitian Pearls tend to look grayer. At Seven Seas Pearls, we have a very rare collection of the blackest black Tahitian Pearls. These pearls take many harvests to accumulate in order to have enough for a single strand. As a result, they are incredibly valuable and almost impossible to find.
Here is a great example of what would be considered “black” pearls. Can you see the variation in darkness?

In addition to pure black Tahitian Pearls, both peacock and Tahitian Pearls with a more purple hue are considered rare and exotic. While these colors are more readily available, they can also differ in the intensity which will also have an impact on both their price and demand.
Here is a beautiful peacock colored Tahitian Pearl and one that has deep hues of purple – aren’t they gorgeous?
In addition to color, the size of the pearl will also determine if a Tahitian Pearl is rare or unique. While Tahitian Pearls have a broad range of sizes, any Tahitian Pearl over 13mm is considered to be rare. It is also worth mentioning that in order for the pearl to have any significant value, it must also be of good quality. If a Tahitian Pearl is 16mm in size and the darkest black possible but has a poor surface quality, thin nacre and low luster – then it will not be worth much.
At Seven Seas Pearls, we are proud of our beautiful collection of rare and unique Tahitian Pearl jewelry. Each piece of pearl jewelry comes with a GIA certificate of authenticity – you can be assured of the high quality you are receiving.