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Tahitian Pearl Bracelets

If you have discovered the gorgeous metallic color tones of Tahitian Pearls - then no doubt a Tahitian Pearl Bracelet is on your wish list. Most women fall in love with Tahitian Pearls the moment they see them - with the gorgeous metallic tones and stunning overtone combinations, it’s nearly impossible not to. Tahitian Pearls are quite often referred to as “Black Pearls” – but most of the time, Tahitian Pearls are anything but black. Tahitian Pearls often have a base color ranging from light to dark gray – and the overtone is what really makes them pop. These multi-hued pearls are famous for their incredible shades of blue, green, teal, purple, gray, black, beige Tahitian Pearl Bracelets are the perfect addition for any woman who is looking to add to her pearl jewelry collection - or start one.
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Tahitian & south sea South Sea Pearl Bracelet AAA Multi Color  - Seven Seas Pearls Tahitian south sea Pearl  Bracelet  AAA Black 12.5 to 10.5MM - Seven Seas Pearls Diamond Tahitian Pearl Bangle Flex Bracelet 13 MM  - seven seas pearls Diamond Tahitian Pearl Bangle Flex Bracelet 13MM  - seven seas pearls
Tahitian & south sea South Sea Pearl Bracelet AAA Multi Color  - Seven Seas Pearls drop  Tahitian south sea Pearl  Bracelet AAA-  - Seven Seas Pearls black green Tahitian  Pearl Bracelet  - Seven Seas Pearls Tahitian and south sea Shamballa Macrame Bracelet | Seven Seas Pearls
Tahitian Pearl Bracelet 9 - 8 MM AAA- Multi Color  - seven seas pearls trendy Black 13 Tahitian Bracelet | Seven Seas Pearls black tahitian pearl Shamballa Macrame Bracelet | Seven Seas Pearls Tahitian and South Sea Pearls
tahitian Shamballa AA - Seven Seas Pearls
Tahitian Pearls are very versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. At Seven Seas Pearls our collection of custom designed Tahitian Pearl Bracelets range in style from the ultra-trendy to the more traditional. No matter how your tastes in pearl jewelry run, we have a style that will fit your personality.
If you have been looking at Tahitian Pearls for any length of time, you are probably familiar with saltwater pearls in general. When it comes to pearls, there are two main categories: saltwater and freshwater pearls. At Seven Seas Pearls, we work solely with saltwater pearls. Tahitian Pearls are one of three types of saltwater pearls. The other two types of pearls are South Sea Pearls and Akoya Pearls.

When it comes to Tahitian Pearls, it’s easy to see why women are so mesmerized by them. Tahitian Pearls range in size from around 9mm to 18mm in size and are often referred to as “Black Pearls”. Because of their size, their incredible shape and how the colors play on those shapes, they are nothing less than stunning. Like South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Pearls come in a wide array of shapes. When it comes to choosing a shape, there is no right or wrong - it is strictly preference and completely up to you.
Here is a great example of how the shape of a Tahitian Pearl can really impact the color and the reflection of the light!
If you have already discovered the beauty of Tahitian Pearls and are looking to match an existing piece of pearl jewelry, we recommend stopping by our Los Angeles Showroom. Because of the relationships we have cultivated with the pearl farmers throughout the years, we have on hand literally thousands of loose Tahitian Pearls in every shape, size and color imaginable. We would be more than happy to hand select individual Tahitian Pearls that match the size, shape and rating of your current piece.