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South Sea Pearl Designer Necklaces

If you have been looking at pearls for just about any length of time, chances are you have fallen in love with the gorgeous beauty of South Sea Pearls. These stunning gems range from 2mm in size - all the way up to museum quality 27mm. The most common sizes of South Sea Pearls range from 10mm - 15mm. These large gorgeous gems make exotic pieces of jewelry. While many women fall in love with the beauty of South Sea Pearls, some feel that traditional pearl jewelry doesn’t suit their taste. For that reason, we have created a custom line of designer South Sea Pearl Jewelry by Seven Seas Pearls.

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South Sea White Pearl Ruby Solo Necklace | Seven Seas Pearls Akoya & South Sea Pearl Diamond Necklace  AAA South Sea Pearl  Opera Diamond Pearl Necklace  12 - 10 mm  - Seven Seas Pearls South Sea Baroque Pearl Solo Collection Pendant
South Sea Pearl Ruby Solitaire Necklace 13 MM - Seven Seas Pearls South Sea Pearl Solitaire Necklace 13 MM AAA- Adjustable chain - Seven Seas Pearls Akoya Keshi & three baroque South Sea  Pearl Necklace AAA - Seven Seas Pearls Akoya Keshi & baroque South Sea  three Pearl Necklace AAA - Seven Seas Pearls
South Sea round solitaire Pearl Aquamarine  13 MM AAA - Seven seas pearls Custom Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace South Sea Pearl Omega South Sea Pearl Emerald Solitaire Necklace 11 MM - seven seas pearls
Baroque South Sea & Akoya Keshi Pearls Necklace AAA - seven seas pearls South Sea Golden Pearl South Sea Baroque Omega Pearl Golden South Sea Pearl
South Sea Pearl Lariat Necklace AA Trendy Shamballa Macrame necklace | Seven Seas Pearls South Sea Baroque Pearl Dangle Trendy Shamballa Macrame necklace | Seven Seas Pearls

Our goal at Seven Seas Pearls is to share our love and passion of pearls with others. For that reason, we believe in offering an incredible selection of South Sea Pearl jewelry styles and also competitive pricing. Our selection of custom designed South Sea Pearl jewelry ranges from pieces that are trendy - to pieces that are timeless and classic.

Here are two pieces from our collection:

We believe that a woman’s jewelry is a reflection of her style and personality. As a result, our custom designed South Sea Pearl Jewelry Collection comes in a wide variety of materials ranging from leather to yellow gold, white gold, set with sapphires, citrine and diamonds. These gorgeous materials allow us to create pieces that are truly unique and one of a kind.

While pearls have always been a classic staple in women’s fashion and jewelry, in the past few years styles have changed to embrace the classic beauty of pearls for even younger generations. Celebrities and icons like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kate Middleton, and Jennifer Lawrence (the list literally goes on and on) are embracing the gorgeous beauty of pearl jewelry.

One of the elements that set us apart from others in the jewelry business is that the items that are displayed on the website are the actual items that you will receive. Many other jewelry stores will send you an item similar to the item seen online, but we list each pearl jewelry piece individually. Each item has been hand inspected and graded - and each jewelry piece comes with a certificate guaranteeing its grading, size and quality. Often times we have clients who have a specific idea of a pearl jewelry piece that they would like to create. If you don’t see a jewelry piece either online or in our showroom that you are crazy about, we can show you thousands of loose pearls and have a piece custom set for you. Unlike many other jewelers, there is no extra charge for this custom process. If you are in the market for pearl jewelry, we would love to invite you our showroom - no appointment is ever needed.