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Tahitian Baroque Necklaces

If you love the gorgeous metallic colors and overtones of Tahitian Pearls, chances are you'll fall in love with our collection of baroque Tahitian Pearls. Many people assume that pearls are always round. While many are, pearls also come in beautiful shapes such as teardrop, button, oval and baroque. Each of these shapes lends a different quality and beauty to the pearl. One of the most loved shapes is the baroque shaped pearl. By definition, baroque shaped pearls are irregular. They can be fuller on one end, have curves, beautiful edges and are overall very exotic in their shape.
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Tahitian South Sea Baroque pastel Pearl Necklace  17 - 15 mm   - Seven Seas Pearls Tahitian South Sea Pearl Necklace 18 - 15 MM Multi color - Seven Seas Pearls Tahitian south sea baroque Pearl Necklace  17 - 15 mm AA - Seven Seas Pearls Tahitian & South Sea Opera Pearl Necklace  15 - 13 mm - Seven Seas Pearls
round Tahitian south sea Pearl Necklace  15.5 - 12mm Fancy Multi Color - Seven Seas Pearls Tahitian Pearl Necklace 15mm - 14 mm Soft Multi  - Seven Seas Pearls Tahitian Pearl Necklace  15 - 13 mm Dark Gray - seven Seas Pearls Tahitian Pearl Necklace 12 - 8 mm AAA | seven seas pearls
tahitian & Black Diamonds Solo Necklace 15 MM AAA - seven seas pearls black green  Tahitian Drop Pearl Necklace  15 - 13 mm AAA - Seven Seas Pearls
At Seven Seas Pearls, we are proud of our beautiful collection of rare and unique Tahitian Pearl jewelry. Each piece of pearl jewelry comes with a GIA certificate of authenticity – you can be assured of the high quality you are receiving.

Baroque pearls are cultivated by the same process as round pearls. As the nacre deposits over the nucleus, layers are formed. Sometimes,this results in a perfectly round pearl. Other times, different shapes take form - many times, the layers of nacre result in a gorgeous baroque pearl. Baroque pearls are not natural pearls, very few pearls exist on the market today that are completely natural (no human hand aided in its development). This is primarily because of the restrictions that are placed on how wild oysters can be harvested. It has also been thought that if a pearl is irregular in shape, then it is most likely a fresh water pearl. This is simply not true. The baroque shape has nothing to do with the pearl being entirely natural or hand carved, and has everything to do with how the layers of nacre are deposited around it.

One of the beautiful aspects of baroque pearls is how the shape magnifies the metallic color and overtones of the pearl. It is a stunning way to truly showcase the incredible array of colors that Tahitian Pearls offer. If you have never experienced in person the beauty of baroque shaped pearls, we would love to invite you to come to our showroom and try on a few strands. One of the interesting aspects of baroque pearls is the range of shapes they come in. While the term “baroque” covers a wide range of pearl shapes and sizes, there are many variations in between. Some pearls can be slightly irregular or “slightly” baroque. Other baroque pearls can have more of an extreme shape and be more exaggerated in their angle and curves. With baroque pearls, there is no “right or wrong” style, it is strictly preference. This allows pearl jewelry lovers to truly express their particular taste and style of pearl jewelry.

Here is a beautiful example of how baroque pearls can range in their shape from being slightly baroque to more unique and exaggerated.
On our website and in our showroom you will see hundreds of gorgeous strands of baroque Tahitian Pearl jewelry. These strands, pearl earrings, rings, and bracelets range from slightly irregular baroque pearl jewelry to pearls that are more extreme and unique. One of the aspects that set our website apart from others is that the piece of pearl jewelry that you view is the actual piece that you will receive. It is important to us that you know exactly what you are getting and that you fall in love with that particular piece. All of our items are available to view in person in our Los Angeles Showroom. We invite you to come down anytime, no appointment is needed.