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South Sea Pearl Baroque Necklaces

Few things can compare with the natural beauty and glow of baroque South Sea Pearls. These incredible lustrous gems have gorgeous tones of white, silver, champagne, silver blue and gorgeous hues of soft pink. What makes these pearls stand apart from any other type of pearl is their incredible size. South Sea Pearls range in size from 8mm on the smaller end to as large as 22mm. The average size of these beauties is around 10 – 15mm.

Many people even if they are familiar with pearls assume that all pearls are round. Unfortunately for these people, they are missing an incredible world of baroque shaped pearls. There are several classifications of sizes for pearls. The most common and well known are perfectly round pearls, there are also near round pearls, tear drop pearls, button pearls, oval pearls and baroque pearls.

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For individuals who like a bit more character and personality in their pearl jewelry, baroque pearls are an exquisite choice. The definition of baroque pearls describes pearls that have an irregular shape. These pearls can be essentially any shape that is irregular and can also be described as having more curves and angles than other pearls. Contrary to what many believe, the shape of a pearl has no bearing on if the pearl has been naturally formed or has been cultivated in a pearl farm. Erroneously, many people believe that irregular shaped pearls (baroque pearls) are natural pearls that have not been nucleated. This is simply not true. Most pearls sold in today’s marketing have come from pearl farms and the shape has nothing to do with it. Baroque pearls are formed by the layers of nacre being deposited; the shape of a baroque pearl is not cut or molded in any way by human hands.

At Seven Seas Pearls, we have an incredible selection of South Sea Pearls that are slightly baroque and very baroque. If you love the concept of Baroque Pearls, but are not ready to add a piece that is on the more extreme side of the beautiful shapes of Baroque Pearls, we offer thousands of variations in between. Many people equivocate Baroque Pearls to fine red wine. As you start cultivating your palette, you start with lighter reds, or in this case, round pearls. As your taste develops, most find themselves enjoying darker more robust red wines - and in our case, more abstract South Sea Pearl Baroque jewelry.

Here is a stunning South Sea Baroque Pearl ring. Even if you love the symmetrical look of a perfectly round pearl, the character that this Baroque Pearl adds to this piece is striking.

We invite you to explore our selection of South Sea Baroque Pearl jewelry both online and in our Los Angeles Showroom. If you have never seen these beauties in person, you are in for a tremendous treat, Because of their irregular shape, they cast such a glow and reflect the light like no other type of pearl. We are confident that once you start to explore the world of Baroque Pearl jewelry, you will never view any type or shape of pearl in the same light again.