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Akoya Pearl Baroque Necklaces

Who could possibly resist the beauty of a classic strand of Akoya Pearls? - The answer, not many. There is something so refined, elegant and sophisticated about a classic strand of pearls. Typically, these pearls are Akoya Pearls. Akoya Pearls are farmed in the waters of Japan, the water and environment makes it the perfect place for cultivating these beauties.
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Akoya Pearl Opera  Necklace 10 - 9.5 MM - seven seas pearls Akoya Pearl Necklace / bracelet Set 9 - 8.5 MM | Seven Seas Pearls Akoya Pearl Opera Necklace  9 - 10 MM AA+ Black Peacock Akoya Pearl Opera Necklace  with Tassel 10 - 9 MM AAA- Peacock - seven seas pearls
baroque baby blue akoya pearl necklace 9 - 8.5mm - Seven Seas Pearls Akoya Baroque Cultured Pearl Necklace  9 - 9.5 MM - seven seas pearls
Like all saltwater pearls, Akoya pearls come in a wide range of sizes from round, near round, oval, teardrop to baroque. Typically, Akoya Pearls range in size from 2mm all the way to 10mm. However the most common size of Akoya Pearls is between 7mm and 8mm.

With saltwater pearls, there are three main classifications of pearls. Pearls are classified based on the region they are harvested, and the region impacts their size and color. Baroque Akoya Pearls are uniquely beautiful and add a certain amount of distinction and charm that traditional round pearls are not able to offer.

Here is a beautiful example of how Akoya Pearls can vary in size. See how the pearl on the bottom is more abstract and unique in shape that the perfectly round pearl on the top?

Because people are familiar with how diamonds are cut, many assume that all pearls are round and baroque pearls are cut or chiseled to have the irregular edges and curves. This is simply not true. Baroque pearls are formed by layers of nacre being deposited over the nucleus that has been inserted into the oyster. There are certain techniques that can be used to increase the probability of procuring perfectly round and symmetrical Akoya pearl, but many times irregular shapes such as baroque Akoya pearls form in the oyster. It is often also assumed that any pearl that is not perfectly round is a “natural” pearl and thus more valuable. This is another common misconception. Harvesting natural pearls is not financially feasible and there are also many laws protecting the harvesting of wild oysters for their pearls. As a result almost 100% of the pearls made available to consumers are the result of pearl farms and harvests.

If you are considering adding a classic Akoya strand or piece of jewelry to your personal pearl jewelry collection, we invite to you visit our Los Angeles Showroom and view our collection online. We have thousands of stunning Akoya Pearl strands to choose from ranging from perfectly round pure white Akoya Pearls to baroque shaped silver white to pearls with pink overtones. Each of these strands is unique and beautiful. Selecting the perfect Akoya strand is based entirely upon preference and personal style. If you are not in the Los Angeles area, we would encourage you to view our collection of Akoya Pearl Jewelry online. Each item that you view is the exact piece that you will receive. Additionally, each piece has been extensively photographed and you can be certain of the quality, color, shape and overtone that your pearl jewelry piece exhibits.