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Akoya Keshi Pearls

Akoya Keshi pearls are the gem of the the akoya pearl world, these natural beauty come from 1mm in size which is about the thickness of your hair to about 4 mm and the shape usually is baroque. They come in different color and shades, from pure white keshi to off white, ivory, silver, beige, grey and blue

At Seven Seas Pearls, we are very proud of our vast selection of rare Keshi Pearls. These tiny little gems have incredible luster and words can hardly describe their silky feel. We invite you to tour our website and also our showroom and discover the beauty of these little beauties!
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Saltwater Akoya Keshi Pearl Multi Row Necklace AAA - Seven Seas Pearls Custom Keshi Amethyst Necklace Keshi  Aquamarine Pearl Necklace Akoya Keshi & three baroque South Sea  Pearl Necklace AAA - Seven Seas Pearls
Akoya Keshi & baroque South Sea  three Pearl Necklace AAA - Seven Seas Pearls Baroque South Sea & Akoya Keshi Pearls Necklace AAA - seven seas pearls
Keshi Pearls are made up entirely of nacre - and do not have a nucleus. This is the main reason Keshi Pearls are so rare are hard to find because they are not nucleated so it is as close as a wild pearl from the middle of the ocean

Here is a beautiful example of the lustrous beauty of Keshi Pearl Jewelry: